Wednesday, November 18, 2009

masa:12.24 mlm
kondisi: malam yang hening?huu~~

- a friend is a person who would always be with u no matter what happends
- a friend would tell his/her friend if they were wrong
- a friend is someone that u trust to keep all ur secrets.
- a friend is someone who always back u up.
- a friend would never tell lies.
- a friend would never tell bad things about his/her friend to other people.
- a friend is someone who always with u.

people make mistakes.
things happends.
once happends it would never change.
it will be permanent.

Friends comes and go constantly.
not because of it's the end of a friendship.
but it is their journey.
each people have different journey of his/her life.

A friend would have to understand and accept that.
we're getting older.
friends would not always be by our side ALL THE TIME.
have to think of our own self.

Always remember ALLAH always by our side.
n friends will always be inside our heart.
even if they are not around.

I love all my friends.
i did mistakes.
i know i could not change them back.
always wish it were never happends.
but it's okay.
in my heart you always be my friend.

no heart feelings.neutral.that is the best emotion we should have.

the only thing is that;
r we a good friend?can we be a good friend?how exactly to assure that?

hmm.that's what ourself should think.judge urself.not others judge u.