Thursday, February 3, 2011

family ohhh family~

instead of starting of my post for 2011 with general post. i'll take this chance to atleast once include my personal post. its about my family.


there's always ups and down in our life~
there's always conflicts~
there's always misunderstanding~
there's always jealousy~

Although, even if "there's always" ~
We are family~
When one is down, the other will console~
Even if we had a great fight over something~
we will always be family~

Different characters, different manners, and different style of ours~
does not occured any distinction~
But it rather makes it even more colorful in our life~

whooaaa~ everything up here was just something that popped up in my mind suddently. haha. who knows i can be such a great writer huh? hohoho..(self boasting~ i what?! ) :P

nyw, yesterday was Chinese New Year to all the chinese people~
and together all of us~
of coz we didnt celebrate them.
But we had much more wonderful day~

Of course every other day i felt the closeness between us.
but it has been long since we get to gather everyone~
When every normal weekend i went back home, some of them are there, but not all.
since the four of us, my sis and i, and both my brothers are all currently staying in hostel~ only my younger sister stay with my parents.
its only when we had holidays that we can all together have activities together as a famly.

Back to the story~

to me, i had a wonderful day with my family.
we clean the whole house together~
even cooked the breakfast for my family~
and washed the cars together~

it was fun, really~
its not all the time that we can do something like this. Even if we had, not everyone could be there at that moment.

well~ my day didn't stop there~
After zuhr prayer ayah suddently said, "Jom makan dekat luar?"

All of us were very excited and rushed, to changed into proper clothes.
We ate at Pak Li's Restaurant~
the boys ate some chicken chop with black pepper sauce, and the others~ i can't remember. ;)

After finished eating, we did not just went back home.
instead, we when shopping!!
its not like any other shopping that when we said we're going shopping but actually we're only going to buy the groceries.

its really shooping.
Really BIG BIG THANK YOU!!! to both our parents cause bought us things that we want.
its not just because we got something that only we suddently being nice~
but sincerely!! i love my parents! i love my siblings! and of coz, i love my family!!!

Now the day has ended~
excluding today, we have only 1 day and a half to spend our time together.
on sunday~ all of us will go back to our hostel~

how i wish time can slow down~

how i feel the time is so precious~
how time fly so fast.

its not always we get to do something like this.
especially when everyone starting to grow up.
and later on, one by one will leave the house~
to full own responsibility~

Kadang-kadang diri pernah terfikir~
Masing-masing semua dah meningkat remaja kemudian ke alam dewasa~
Sekarang pun susah untuk kita habiskan masa bersama keluarga tersayang~

Ini baru dalam alam universiti~
belum lagi alam bekerja~
belum juga lagi bila sudah berumahtangga nanti~

bila lagi kita dapat luangkan masa bersama-sama?
pernah terfikir tak tentang ini?

semakin besar,
semakin meningkat dewasa,
semakin meningkat usia~
janganlah kita semakin jauh dengan keluarga~
sepatutnye kita gunakan masa bersama-sama itu dgn sebaiknya.

Sepatutnya bersama-sama kelurga lah yang kita patut rasa gembira & enjoy daripada bila bersama-sama kawan-kawan.bukan begitu?

What's more important then?

well, i don't know about you guys~
but for me, OF COURSE IT'S MY FAMILY! ^^

this is just something that i wanted to share.
the reason is because, most people nowadays, especially us, the youth~ always forget about this~
what is "this" im talking about?
it is the importance of family.



durrah said...

baru skg kite rase ini awk..
bg kite, awk lebih terekspresi mlalui english..
baru terasa tulisan awk..
but not to say ur Malay is bad..
tp mungkin awk lebih awk dgn tulisan english=)
keep on wrinting dear..
mana tau ramai lagi hati yang boleh awk sentuh dgn tulisan awk ni.. - durrah=)